New Residency Series – 2014 (curated by Brian Drye)

IBEAM Brooklyn presents a brand new residency series starting in January 2014 curated by IBEAM director and trombonist, Brian Drye.  Drawing from the robust talents of IBEAM’s membership community and beyond, each residency will feature musicians performing over three consecutive evenings and presents a unique opportunity for the artist to create new collaborations, present new work or simply prepare for an upcoming recording.  Check the calendar for all the details.  (also we just got a brand new bass amp!)

Upcoming Events

Jon De Lucia Group

Saturday, July 26th 8:30 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Jon De Lucia – Saxophone, Clarinet
Greg Ruggiero – Guitar
Chris Tordini – Bass
Tommy Crane – Guitar

Nate Hook / Evan Francis

Sunday, July 27th 8:00 PM $10 Suggested Donation

Nate Hook Group (8:00)

Nate Hook: Sax
Kevin Clark: Guitar
Dan Rufolo: Piano
Carlo De Rosa: Bass
Chris Caroll: Drums

Evan Francis Group (9:30)

Kenny Brooks tenor
Matt Nelson tenor
Michelle Amador vox
Kurt Kotheimer electric bass
Tim Bulkley drums
Evan Francis Alto and flute

Firey Strings Company – Summer String Sessions

Monday, July 28th 7:00 PM $20 Suggested Donation

Afrikan Rhythm & Blues for Strings
Guest Artist: Ayodele Maakeru

6-8 pm

The Firey String Company (FSCO) was founded by cellist Nioka Workman to ‘push the art of string playing into the next level’. FSCO is striving to create nurturing environments for creative and improvising string players to share, learn new skills, produce new work and network. We have a passion for empowering female artists and composers particularly those artists that often don’t have the opportunity to perform in festival settings or in educational showcases. Each FSCO Season involves six family art showcases, two dynamic female composer features, FSCO First Run: a string improviser series, a LAB (new), a yearly Radiance festival and Sessions 4 (summer sessions/workshops)

FSCO Staff: Free
FSCO Artist: $15 w/membership card
FSCO General Fee: $20