Concerts & Recitals

Ibeam Brooklyn welcomes proposals from improvisers, composers, educators, classical ensembles, world, jazz and experimental music.

Ibeam Brooklyn Presents:
Curated by our Ibeam staff, this monthly 3 night series, Thursday, Friday and Saturday night focuses on a single artist and their music for 3 consecutive nights.  Check the calendar for the latest lineup.

Concert + Staffing $150
Ibeam will host your concert, promote on our website and social media, set up, break down the space as well as work the door and sell merchandise.  Fill out the form below and contact us for more details.

Educational Workshops and Recitals $150 (includes Staff)
Ibeam welcomes music teachers and students to host workshops and student recitals.  Please fill out the form below and contact us for more details.